Annika in Hamburg

I first met Annika when I collaborated with Julia Trotti in Sydney.

She is just the sweetest - Chris and I picked her up in our rental car, and we talked and laughed with each other on our drive to the lake.

Fast forward a year and Chris and I are sitting in a restaurant by a station in Hamburg and I see Chris' face light up. I turn around and there is Annika, her smile is massive and her cheeks flushed with excitement. We hug her hello, all so overwhelmed that we are meeting her in her home country. 

We talk about German words and Chris laughs and calls me 'Mein Frau' and Annika squeals and grabs my hand. There is a moment of confusion and then she tells me that Frau means wife. Woops. 

Annika takes us for a walk around the streets, and I photograph her along the way. To watch her model is amazing. She dances in front of the camera - spinning and twirling, changing expressions and looks in milliseconds. I feel like I can't press the shutter down quick enough - I had to tell her a couple of times to slow down. But that's not a bad problem to have. 

These are photos from our first day together. At the end I felt like the time had just slipped through my fingers - so we agree to meet up the next day in her home town. Photos for that day coming soon. :)