I often compliment and approach strangers without thinking first - usually bizarre compliments but I simply cannot help it. 'You have amazing freckles' 'oh my gosh, your jawline is so amazing' 'what pretty hands you have'. Usually they giggle and murmer a thank you before I rush off rosy-cheeked. 

I spotted Amy in a shopping centre. I watched her go, secretly battling with myself as to whether approaching her and giving her my card would come across as creepy or unwarrented. 

It will be a missed opportunity if I don't, I thought. What if I never see her again? 

So I did. She was sweet. Blue-eyed with long ombre hair and a cute Canadian accent. We organised a shoot a while later and she ended up getting signed to Viviens. 

Since then I've been watching her blossom from afar. This shoot was my chance to work with her again after a good year.  

The sky was open that day and the rain didn't want to stop - but we pushed on. Driving up the mountain in the cold. As we drove, the fog became thicker and thicker until we couldn't see a foot in front of us. The clouds moved quickly with the rain and we wandered up and down the streets - amazed at the quiet which was only broken by the odd bird or rustle of trees in the wind.

At one point, Amy sat in a bush (my doing) and emerged with a couple leeches on her. They tend to hang around forrests and mountains (where I spend a majority of my shoots). I hate leeches. We all received a kiss from them that day - but thankfully managed to take them off before they latched on. Amy wasn't so lucky and found one between her toes on the way home. How glamorous! 

Model: Amy @ Viviens models
Hair and makeup: Janice Wu