Kristín Eva

On one of our last days in Iceland, I met up with Kristín Eva. We drove to a spot that I had seen when entering Reykjavik - it was positioned on the side of the highway - a lot like a simple park would be in Australia.

Only it was mountains, and ice and pine. It was one of those moments I breathed in deep just to appreciate where I was and what I was doing. It occurred to me that this was just home for Kristín - and I found the different lives we must lead really interesting.  

I showed her photos of spiders from home, like a huntsman we had on our wall not too long ago - she laughed "that's not normal!" 
In Iceland I barely saw a bug of any kind. I did not miss you, mosquitoes. 

At one point a bird flew over us. I had been hearing it all trip - to me it sounded like a hover craft a low woowoowoowoo sound. I asked Kristin what it was - I hadn't been around any Icelanders when I had heard it previously, and trying to replicate the sound to people had caused caused odd glances and responses like "I don't know what that is." 

"We call that Hrossagaukur - Horse Cuckoo" Kristín said, she laughed at my amazement.

The shoot was short but beautiful. I miss how pretty you are, Iceland!