little big

Idc what people say, I love working with animals and children. Sometimes simultaneously! Haha

Indi & River are Meikas younger sisters (there's something in the water at that house). This is the first opportunity I had to shoot with them. They are the sweetest girls ever! So full of giggles and energy. That, in combination with a big dog (Thor) - who I fell in love with instantaneously makes a really fun shoot on a beautiful warm day. My darling friend Bekky (Saint Damascus) wandered around with us, shooting BTS (which she insists I mention she is a beginner at, despite doing a lovely job.)

Photography: Caitlin May
Models: Indi & River
Clothing by: Tutu du Monde
BTS Video: Saint Damascus

Thank you to Merav (Thors mama) and Andi (Indi & Rivers mama)